The Simple Things – Week 15

The beginning of the Easter holidays and glorious sunshine.

Good Friday breakfast (at the end of the week), some Bobbi Brown therapy for the Eldest, ducks in the garden (yup, I’m obsessed!), GD practicising for the Weston Park Blades netball camp, cycling the Test Way, spring flowers outside Beccy’s Greengrocers in Stockbridge, Hiro at home.

Author: Mother of the Tribe

2 thoughts on “The Simple Things – Week 15

  1. You have beautiful children I hope the summer brings good, happy times for you all. (And the pictures are so very English!)

    1. Thank you! Once you’ve spent time in the desert I think you get obsessed over how beautifully green the UK is – I’m sure you understand! If you’re ever back in Blighty come and see us – the boys would love it! X

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