What exactly is Advent?

Somehow, the beginning of December has sneaked up on me (again) and I have had the frantic searching in the attic for the much loved Playmobil advent calendars and the baby socks calendar that I made just before the birth of the Littlest.  I managed to fill most of the baby socks with chocolate treats (but hadn’t bought quite enough to fill them all; 4 x 25 = 100, which is quite a lot of chocolate coins!).  The Tribe had the right amount of oohs and ahhhs when they saw the filled socks at breakfast on 1st December.  I love the fact that even the Eldest gets excited by these little things.  The Playmobil advent calendars were a different matter however and yesterday evening just before I read the Littlest her bedtime story, I was still putting the right box on the right number.  Maybe I’ll learn one year to do a bit of advance planning, but I’m sure that I’m not alone with this last minute flurry of activity. Continue reading What exactly is Advent?