The Simple Things – Week 10

Life is anything but simple right now, but this is my own therapy; finding the good stuff of life, which is sometimes more difficult to find.  But it is out there.  Week 10 was a couple of weeks ago now, but it was a happy, positive week.  And that’s a good thing.

Meeting a wild black swan (wow!) and sharing a flapjack, Blades smashing another game, fabulous spring crocuses, tea party with Jenny the Camel and other friends, the girls post-school kitchen creativity, winning another match with Andover Hockey Club, the Littlest making fruit salad.

The Simple Things – Week 9

So I’m a week behind, but hey, at least I’m just about managing a post a week … This was the week with the Eldest at home almost all week and a lot of doctors and specialists visits; still not very simple.

The Boy leading the fleet at Spinnaker Club, one of our neighbours in the water meadows, the watercress beds on a glorious clear morning, the Littlest very early on Monday morning, her face having been drawn all over by some night visiting pixie!, the return of the mallards to our garden – it must be Spring, the Eldest looking more like herself, one of the cats half heartedly stalking the ducks.  I think Spring has definately sprung!

The Simple Things – Week 8

The latter end of our week turned into something of a rollercoaster but the beginning of the Littlest’s half term was spent happily and primarily outside.  The end of the week had little to do with ‘simple things’, but in life we have to take the rough with the smooth; so here’s week 8 in photos.

My Tribe playing on Danebury Hill,; the Littlest and friend playing at Mottisfont;  the Littlest just hanging around; the Littlest and another friend playing cowboys(?); Northbrook ward at Royal County Hospital in Winchester with the Eldest; FoTT’s turn to visit Winchester’s A&E with the Eldest in the middle of the night; where there’s new life there’s always hope, signs of spring.  Things will get better.