Oman, Muscat & Shangri-La – May 2012

Given that as I write this, the UK is being buffeted by high winds, I will make no mention of the weather in this month’s offering. Hopefully, by the time this is in print, the weather gods will have remembered that summer is supposed to be well underway.

So, the highlight of this month is a road trip to Muscat in Oman for a couple of days. It is a surprise for the Tribe – as Father of the Tribe has members of his team in India as well as the Middle East, he has recently been working during part of our weekends (Friday) so his weekend has been shrinking to one day. This trip is to make up for this (and more than likely placate me as well!). Our ‘truck’ is packed and we set off reasonably early for the border at Hatta – our first stop is within five minutes as the tyres must be checked as the roads can get incredibly hot at this time of year and this can lead to tyres overheating then exploding and then causing rather nasty accidents. Our tyres are good. They need to be, we have about 500 km to cover. Continue reading Oman, Muscat & Shangri-La – May 2012