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More Good Things, Number 7-11!

It’s been a while, as life has taken over for the last couple of months (as it tends to do with the Tribe), but having found my iPad under a pile of school and club paperwork – it is never ending – and having scanned through photos of the last few weeks, here are a few of my ‘Good Things’.


The utter joy of the arrival of Spring, new growth, daisies (how we love daisies!), a giant nest (built by GD!), a spring garland and a wonderful plate of biscuits decorated for Spring. Continue reading More Good Things, Number 7-11!

Good Things Number 4: a nest!

GD found this in one of our 5 year old acer trees, so only about 10 feet tall. She’s been looking at it nestled in between a couple of branches all winter and the other day she asked if she could take it down to look at it.  It is exquisite – tiny and perfectly formed.  It’s only 6cm across and I’m pretty sure that it belonged to a chaffinch.

Just beautiful!
Just beautiful!

They make their nests from grass, moss and feathers bound with spiders webs and lined with feathers and wool, decorated with lichen and bark.  The one we found even has horse hair in it. It really is quite beautiful and most definitely a Good Thing.