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Feb 2012 School & Beaches

The Eldest
The Eldest

The crazy sporting schedule continues this month. I feel as if I am chasing my tail most of the time and the littlest is dragged to what, at times, seems like every school in Dubai, for the various sports tournaments. But it is fantastic seeing the eldest of the Tribe doing so incredibly well and with the other children all cheering on the school teams, the atmosphere is always great fun and I am very proud Рshe has now officially broken the record for the British schools in Dubai for the Year 5 hurdles!  However to assuage my guilt (for dragging the littlest everywhere!), I decide to take her to the beach for a walk after dropping off the Tribe at school and Father of the Tribe at the metro.

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Discovering a Paper Nautilus, Khor Kalba & Al Ain – January 2012

On New Year’s Day we take our traditional walk on the beach. However, this year there is no need for thermals and layers of warm clothing. The beach is beautiful, the sea calm.

'Gerald Durrell' with Paper Nautilus
‘Gerald Durrell’ with Paper Nautilus

Our intrepid 6 year old is off beachcombing as normal and makes the Tribe’s most exciting discovery to date – a paper nautilus. I had read about these and had learnt that they can be found (if you’re lucky) on Dubai beaches in February and March. They are beautiful, delicate, paper-thin shells made by the female argonaut octopus. The argonaut octopus is extremely rare.

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Walking in the Desert – November 2011

So, November arrives and the weather is consistently quite fabulous – the ridiculously high humidity has disappeared and so too have the temperatures in the 40s. Suddenly people are outside walking, talking, playing. Air conditioning is turned off and doors and windows are left open. We can now sit outside at night with a glass of wine without our glasses dripping with condensation within seconds. The atmosphere of the place has changed – people are more relaxed. Continue reading Walking in the Desert – November 2011