The Simple Things – Week 22

The first week from hell, but there’s still beauty around us and the innocence of the Littlest always makes life better.

Wild orchids in the field, the Littlest picking wild flowers before school, heavenly scented roses, the delicate elderflower, the Littlest and friend performing, our first flower on the tulip tree, our pink elderflower.

The Simple Things – Week 20

I haven’t posted for ages as things have been pretty tough and the rollercoaster of life was going to get a whole lot worse from week 19. ¬†However, I did continue to put the photos together, I was just too superstitious, for whatever reason, to post them. But now I’m going to as life has got a whole lot better.

Another early morning for the Littlest, a striking scarlet lily beetle, the Littlest looking for our noisy woodpecker chicks, a mayfly, our Boy at his first confirmation with his school chaplain at Bishop’s, stunning early morning view across the fields, the Tribe at Mottisfont.