The Simple Things – Week 7

So, I’m midway through week 2 of half term; the pile of laundry is growing, the dirt is accumulating, there is a pile of lego fighters (that had been destined for the charity shop) now brought back to life and fighting along the kitchen windowsill, the various dens have been moved from room to room, Happyland has now taken up residence in the once-grown-up cinema room and the driveway is covered in chalk roads and pathways.  The Littlest is having a great time; I am attempting to restore some sort of order when everyone returns home from school and work, although FoTT did have a small battle last night with a Frozen wigwam that was blocking his view of The Good Wife on TV.  Here’s a photographic representation of week one of half term.

Big sister picking little sister up from school, the Littlest with friend painting outside, Valentine’s Day breakfast for everyone, the Littlest at the beach, with the Tribe at the Tate looking at Yakoi Kusama’s amazing mirror and glass sculpture ‘The Passing Winter’, happy dogs after a very wet walk, the Littlest before school after making her Grand Master Glitch face!

The Simple Things – Week 6

With 3/4 of the Tribe on half term and one still at school, life is a little more hectic than usual as I try and provide entertainment for 3 while attempting calm and routine for the Littlest.  While I have a quiet two seconds here are the photos from last week’s daily life.

Early morning on Duck Street, homemade pizza made by the Littlest, Abbotts Ann watermeadows, the Littlest at Longstock, Star of Bombay gin (it must be the weekend), Hiro gets stuck on top of the kitchen cabinets, Pilhill Brook.

The Simple Things – Week 5

The first week of February brought a return to rain, grey and mud; half of last week’s daily photos were subsequently taken inside.    A week of reading (brilliant book – very topical),  writing (lots of coffee required), GD arriving home post netball match, tired and cold, snuggling on the sofa with cats, snowdrops opening, popcorn to go with a family movie night, a winter sunset walk up Bury Hill.  Happy February 😊.

The Beauty of Words

A slightly random post, but let’s face it, words are pretty crucial in our daily lives and given the recent introduction of ‘alternative facts’ to the political landscape, perhaps some of those in the higher echelons of power should choose their words more carefully. But I digress. The Boy recently had a long list of words to learn for English – learn the meaning, learn the spelling, write a sentence using the word. You know the sort of thing. He showed FoTT and me the list and we both admitted to not knowing the meaning of all the words. And that led us to looking the words’ meaning up and subsequently, I have found my personal ‘wow’ word:

The word ‘petrichor’ comes from the Greek ‘petra’ meaning stone and ‘ichor’, the liquid that runs in the veins of gods in Greek mythology. How beautiful is that? There is a load of fascinating science discovered by a couple of Australian scientists in the 1960s, who were studying the smells of wet weather (what a wonderful job that must have been!), but most importantly they coined the term ‘petrichor’. So evocative.

Talking about the beauty of words, one of the Tribe found a magical book called Lost in Translation in her Christmas stocking last year. It’s a compendium of untranslatable words from around the world by Ella Frances Sanders. It makes you realise how many languages have such wonderful words for specific things – words that have no comparative word in English. It’s a lovely book to dip into. Here are a couple of our favourites.

My favourite Welsh word is ‘hwyl’ meaning ‘a stirring feeling of emotional motivation and energy,; I define it as ‘a passion for life’.  Enough said.

(A big thank you to Bishop Wordsworth’s English department – I’m not sure how much the boys enjoy the word lists, but I certainly have!)

The Simple Things – Week 4

What a rollercoaster of a week on the world stage – I’m sure that it takes a lot more effort to be confrontational than it does to try and work together.  Anyway, another week in pictures  from our little corner of the world.

Mist rolling in across the water meadows at dusk. the Boy doing topper sail training at the Spinnaker Club, fog still lying heavily across the fields at midday, signs of spring with the appearance of catkins, the Eldest at another Blades netball match, frozen buds, the Littlest putting Frozen and Playmobil characters to ‘Lego’-bed (sleeping bags made of wrapping paper!).