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The Simple Things – week 36

Looks like summer is definitely over – no Indian summer this year! But we’re making the most of the last few weeks of light evenings.

GD at Andover Lawn Tennis Club’s 2017 Championships, our incredibly impressive pumpkin patch!, back on the road to Sparsholt for netball (at least the countryside is glorious), another year with FoTT (not the best year, but we’re all still here), walking back from tennis with the Eldest, another dog walk with my buddy 😊, the Littlest before school.

The Simple Things – week 35

The last few days of the summer holidays and it already feels as if autumn is here.  And another school year begins; a better one we hope.

Our first day home and the fields behind us are being harvested, succulent blackberries, Littlest being taken to school by one of her big sisters, the harvest, a last dragonfly of the year,  all the Tribe back to school (the Eldest missed 6 months of year 10) – a really special day and yes, I did have a big lump in my throat, but a smile in my heart, ‘look what I found!’ the Littlest with huge mushroom!

The Simple Things – week 26

A strange week; we’d been looking forward to the Chalke Valley History Festival so much, but it didn’t feel quite the same without the Eldest with us.  Still fun despite the ridiculously sloping camping field and the flipping freezing weather!!

Kiwi and Holly finally making friends, 3 of the Tribe watching soldiers from the Civil War riding down to the Festival site, a very English postbox in Abbotts Ann, learning to be spies at the Festival, glorious hedgerow flowers, Vikings on the move, playing with slime before school…

The Simple Things – Week 22

The first week from hell, but there’s still beauty around us and the innocence of the Littlest always makes life better.

Wild orchids in the field, the Littlest picking wild flowers before school, heavenly scented roses, the delicate elderflower, the Littlest and friend performing, our first flower on the tulip tree, our pink elderflower.

The Simple Things – Week 15

The beginning of the Easter holidays and glorious sunshine.

Good Friday breakfast (at the end of the week), some Bobbi Brown therapy for the Eldest, ducks in the garden (yup, I’m obsessed!), GD practicising for the Weston Park Blades netball camp, cycling the Test Way, spring flowers outside Beccy’s Greengrocers in Stockbridge, Hiro at home.

The Simple Things – Week 14

A week of beautiful spring sunshine.

Sunshine and blossom along Cattle Lane after school with the Littlest, St Mary”s in glorious spring sunshine, rape fields under more sunshine, Easter chicks arrive early, the spire of Salisbury Cathedral high above the rooftops, Pillhill Brook from Mill Lane, dusk over the fields.

The Simple Things – Week 13

After all the unwanted excitement of week 12, week 13 was a somewhat quieter, more contemplative week.

A rainbow over the field of rape just below Bury Hill, early morning across the fields, the Eldest and Molly out for a drier walk than last time, tadpoles!, glorious spring colour in the garden, tiny wild violets below a still naked tree, spring clematis in flower.


The Simple Things – Week 4

What a rollercoaster of a week on the world stage – I’m sure that it takes a lot more effort to be confrontational than it does to try and work together.  Anyway, another week in pictures  from our little corner of the world.

Mist rolling in across the water meadows at dusk. the Boy doing topper sail training at the Spinnaker Club, fog still lying heavily across the fields at midday, signs of spring with the appearance of catkins, the Eldest at another Blades netball match, frozen buds, the Littlest putting Frozen and Playmobil characters to ‘Lego’-bed (sleeping bags made of wrapping paper!).