‘Four go wild in Oman’ & As Sifah – February 2013

During the February half term we decide to head back to Oman to explore the start of the East coast just 45 minutes south of Muscat. The car is laden with camping gear, food and water – we are planning to spend several days on the beach and have no idea what supplies we will be able to get locally so it is imperative that we have enough water. Setting off reasonably early on a Friday morning the roads are relatively empty, although crossing the border into Oman takes longer than we had hoped – having been through one check point we then need to get out of the car to fill in the relevant paperwork and then queue to get passports stamped and pay for a tourist visa. This particular Friday appears to be the day that many people are doing ‘visa runs’ before getting their UAE residency visas so, despite being early there are still queues. Once through, the coastal road runs straight to Muscat. However, there is a roundabout every 10km making the journey rather slower than it should be. But the scenery is so very different to the UAE that it does feel like the beginning of a new adventure. Continue reading ‘Four go wild in Oman’ & As Sifah – February 2013