Flying to the Desert – August 2011

The first half of the month is spent sorting, clearing and packing. It is relentless and I wonder how on earth we have managed to accumulate so much ‘stuff’. I vow to become a total minimalist in our new lives, although this results in much hilarity from friends who possibly know me too well and realize that minimalism and children is an impossibility. Father of the Tribe returns for the final week and the days merge into one as rooms are emptied, shippers arrive to pack and ship, friends give furniture new homes (recycling at its best!), toys are sent to Naomi House, more to the Nursery, rather a horrifying amount goes to the Fete’s bric-a-brac stall and finally the storage company arrives to remove furniture. The Tribe are looked after during daylight hours by friends, whom I am eternally grateful to. One evening, the boy of the Tribe, arrives home clutching a rather impressive helmet and a grin that would put the Cheshire Cat’s to shame. He has spent the day quad biking and is cock-a-hoop with himself. My guilt at spending no time with the Tribe at all, is greatly assuaged. Continue reading Flying to the Desert – August 2011