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The Tribe have a French history lesson

As the UK gets ready to batten down the hatches with the imminent arrival of Hurricane Bertha, we head for the Channel Tunnel and our summer French affair. ┬áDriving towards Paris however, it feels as though we’ve found the epicentre of the hurricane as the sky turns black, the rain turns torrential and visibility is almost zero – the traffic on the autoroute stops due to weather rather than volume. ┬áDespite this (and the usual horrendous traffic around Paris) as we drive into Usseau, a small village just outside of Chattelerault, we are surrounded by glorious French countryside – small fields of sunflowers and sweetcorn stretch as far as the eye can see and there, in the distance, is the most perfect princess’ castle any child (or adult, come to that!), could ever dream of. ┬áChateau de la Motte. Continue reading The Tribe have a French history lesson