An Afternoon with Birds

Happy (belated) birthday girl
Happy (belated) birthday girl

We finally get around to organising a somewhat belated birthday celebration for Gerald Durrell and her friends and we take her to the Hawk Conservancy nearby.  We had previously been members of the Conservancy so the Tribe, other than the Littlest,  know it extremely well.  Despite being world renowned for its work in the fields of conservation, education, rehabilitation and research, I still feel that it is not particularly well known locally; I know that it was only when Gerald Durrell had a summer outing with the Abbotts Ann Nursery School that I first visited and became aware of it.

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Harry Potter and Photographic History at Lacock

The Tribe were discussing which was the best of all JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books the other day and it reminded me of Lacock Abbey where some of the filming had been done for The Philosopher’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets.  The Eldest had a birthday celebration there prior to us leaving for the Middle East, with a Harry Potter theme – we had a tailgate barbecue and she and her friends had dressed up in Hogwarts uniform and cloaks.  I seem to remember tourists taking pictures of them – it was very sweet!  Several years on and they are all keen to return. Continue reading Harry Potter and Photographic History at Lacock