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The Littlest Starts School

I haven’t posted for some time as the site appeared to have a gremlin in it and was losing everything that I attempted to post.  However, Father of the Tribe has managed to fix it so hopefully I can now attempt to update everything.

First day of 'Big School' for the Littlest
First day of ‘Big School’ for the Littlest with the rest of the Tribe

September began at a pace with the new term starting very early and this term saw all four of the Tribe dressed in school uniform; the Littlest was embarking on the adventure of school life. As the youngest, she has seen her siblings dressed in their uniforms, doing homework, reading and generally being involved in school life, so much so, that she desperately wanted to know when she’ll be able to do homework! Long may that continue. Her first day began with a great sense of excitement. Father of the Tribe even going into work late and all the Tribe are dressed and ready by 7 o’clock for some family photos before the older two are taken to the station.

The Littlest beginning her 'long walk'; I am completely obvlivious
The Littlest beginning her ‘long walk’

Just under two hours later and things don’t quite go to plan as she howled just outside the classroom and had no intention of being left by me. Any mother who’s been through this knows what it’s like; you know that your child will be absolutely fine as soon as you leave them, but every instinct that you have is screaming to wrap your baby in your arms and take her home.   Obviously I don’t do this and she is perfectly happy when she skipped out a few hour later. I spent the morning drinking strong coffee and creating some calm after the busy summer. Our Littlest is growing up and life has now started a new chapter.

... at all
… at all
Not happy
Not happy

When I look back at the photos from that morning I can see how her face gradually changes; school is the last place on earth that she wants to be.  We managed to miss that completely – great parenting.




A few weeks later all the Reception children are relaxed, confident and happy as they leave the classroom to be collected; cardigans and sweaters, book bags, a myriad of A4 ‘artwork’ and water bottles trailed behind them.  Perfect!

The little things in life, just make us smile
The little things in life, just make us smile





Feb 2012 School & Beaches

The Eldest
The Eldest

The crazy sporting schedule continues this month. I feel as if I am chasing my tail most of the time and the littlest is dragged to what, at times, seems like every school in Dubai, for the various sports tournaments. But it is fantastic seeing the eldest of the Tribe doing so incredibly well and with the other children all cheering on the school teams, the atmosphere is always great fun and I am very proud – she has now officially broken the record for the British schools in Dubai for the Year 5 hurdles!  However to assuage my guilt (for dragging the littlest everywhere!), I decide to take her to the beach for a walk after dropping off the Tribe at school and Father of the Tribe at the metro.

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Walking in the Desert – September, October 2011

At the end of the first week of September, Father of the Tribe flies North to Europe and the Tribe start their new school, Horizon. Timing, as always, is impeccable. I cannot imagine how terrified they are – I certainly am! We have only been in Dubai for 3 weeks and they are about to embark on another new adventure. We are still rattling in our very empty home. Miraculously, they are all in their smart new uniform – gold and navy stripes. Even the purchase of this has been fraught and challenging beyond belief. But this is Dubai. School starts ridiculously early and as we don’t have a car yet, we are relying on taxis for transport. Taxis are incredibly cheap and efficient. With the thermometer hovering rather too close to 50 degrees, walking is out of the question. We catch the taxi at 7.25 to arrive at the school just after 7.30. The school is situated next to a beautiful park called Safa Park and has the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) rising dramatically not far behind it. I marvel at what an extraordinary world we are now living in. Continue reading Walking in the Desert – September, October 2011