First Wild Flower Posy of the Summer

The field has suddenly bloomed, just in the last week.  There are now swathes of bright yellow buttercups, occasional glimpses of the delicate rose-pink red campion, scores of fluffy dandelion clocks, their heads erect on straight stems, great white drifts of cow parsley and the beginnings of a myriad of meadow grasses.  imageThey will be joined over the next few weeks by cowsfoot trefoil, scarlet pimpernel, self-heal, lady’s bedstraw, rib wort, knapweed, oxeye daisies and hopefully wild orchids too; the most thrilling recent newcomer!  The fields and hedgerows at this time of year are truly spectacular.

Walk to School Week

So, I’ve been persuaded to leave early and take part in ‘walking to school’ this week; not exactly walking all the way, but parking by The Hawk and walking with the Littlest and GD is good enough for me.  imageThe Littlest is scooting and we’re so ridiculously early on Monday, that GD asks if it’s a bank holiday; I didn’t say anything, but I did wonder myself.  imageAnyway, it was truly glorious and straight out of an Enid Blyton book.  A stunningly simple, but beautiful start to the week.  I have my suspicions that the weather may not be quite so clement later this week, but I’m sure I can find some Enid Blyton-like anoraks.

More Good Things, Number 7-11!

It’s been a while, as life has taken over for the last couple of months (as it tends to do with the Tribe), but having found my iPad under a pile of school and club paperwork – it is never ending – and having scanned through photos of the last few weeks, here are a few of my ‘Good Things’.


The utter joy of the arrival of Spring, new growth, daisies (how we love daisies!), a giant nest (built by GD!), a spring garland and a wonderful plate of biscuits decorated for Spring. Continue reading More Good Things, Number 7-11!