The (not-so) Simple Things – week 19

Week 19 had some spectacular lows but also one very special event. Life is a rollercoaster right now.  We are determined that it will get better.

The Boy after his confirmation at Salisbury Cathedral with the Rt Rev David Hallatt (so proud!); visit by GD’s Kiwi uncle and godfather at Blades training; a happy moment on Northbrook when the Eldest’s wonderful friends (and siblings!) visit; what to do with chopsticks no.21; the Littlest and friend at Hatherden Fete; the high point of a rather rubbish birthday spent at the hospital – wild flowers and homemade cake; Wagamama featured heavily on the menu this week.

The Simple (and not so simple) Things – week 18

Great start to the week, rubbish finish.

Arriving home late and seeing the cherry tree almost completely clothed in leaves brings joy; field of rape at Abbotts Ann Down with a dead tree in the centre of the field; finding the huge gorilla at the Wyevale Garden Centre with a ‘SOLD’ sign on it! Who? and  Why?!!; statue of politician Sidney Herbert in Victoria Park, Salisbury; desperate sleeping beauty, country lanes lined with glorious Queen Anne’s Lace; back to Winchester and Northbrook.

The Simple Things – Week 17

I am behind, but life is currently a long way off simple; week 17, however, was good.

Small, but beautifully formed, Victoria Park in Salisbury; happy Kiwi; beautiful Wiltshire countryside; grand opening of the fabulous Andover Lawn Tennis Club; the Tribe walking to the tennis club (bliss!); GCSE art of the Eldest by her amazingly, fabulous and loyal friend.