The Simple Things – week 23

Looking at these photos you’d have thought we didn’t have a care in the world – just goes to show you how pictures don’t really give you the whole picture.  Thank god for the resilience of children.

Hanging out with Ella the unicorn, finding Hiro curled up in a bowl, our neighbouring sheep, big brother collecting the Littlest from school, missing the Eldest at Broughton Water Buffalo farm, finding toads and frogs.

The Simple Things – Week 22

The first week from hell, but there’s still beauty around us and the innocence of the Littlest always makes life better.

Wild orchids in the field, the Littlest picking wild flowers before school, heavenly scented roses, the delicate elderflower, the Littlest and friend performing, our first flower on the tulip tree, our pink elderflower.

The Simple Things – Week 20

I haven’t posted for ages as things have been pretty tough and the rollercoaster of life was going to get a whole lot worse from week 19.  However, I did continue to put the photos together, I was just too superstitious, for whatever reason, to post them. But now I’m going to as life has got a whole lot better.

Another early morning for the Littlest, a striking scarlet lily beetle, the Littlest looking for our noisy woodpecker chicks, a mayfly, our Boy at his first confirmation with his school chaplain at Bishop’s, stunning early morning view across the fields, the Tribe at Mottisfont.

The (not-so) Simple Things – week 19

Week 19 had some spectacular lows but also one very special event. Life is a rollercoaster right now.  We are determined that it will get better.

The Boy after his confirmation at Salisbury Cathedral with the Rt Rev David Hallatt (so proud!); visit by GD’s Kiwi uncle and godfather at Blades training; a happy moment on Northbrook when the Eldest’s wonderful friends (and siblings!) visit; what to do with chopsticks no.21; the Littlest and friend at Hatherden Fete; the high point of a rather rubbish birthday spent at the hospital – wild flowers and homemade cake; Wagamama featured heavily on the menu this week.

The Simple (and not so simple) Things – week 18

Great start to the week, rubbish finish.

Arriving home late and seeing the cherry tree almost completely clothed in leaves brings joy; field of rape at Abbotts Ann Down with a dead tree in the centre of the field; finding the huge gorilla at the Wyevale Garden Centre with a ‘SOLD’ sign on it! Who? and  Why?!!; statue of politician Sidney Herbert in Victoria Park, Salisbury; desperate sleeping beauty, country lanes lined with glorious Queen Anne’s Lace; back to Winchester and Northbrook.

The Simple Things – Week 17

I am behind, but life is currently a long way off simple; week 17, however, was good.

Small, but beautifully formed, Victoria Park in Salisbury; happy Kiwi; beautiful Wiltshire countryside; grand opening of the fabulous Andover Lawn Tennis Club; the Tribe walking to the tennis club (bliss!); GCSE art of the Eldest by her amazingly, fabulous and loyal friend.

Chiseldon & Marlborough Railway Path Family Cycle

This is a lovely, easy and safe cycle along the old Chiseldon and Marlborough Railway path.  And it’s a bit of fresh air therapy too.

Park alongside the village green on Elcot Lane in Marlborough (so you don’t need to go right into Marlborough) and then once on your bike continue along Elcot Lane and after going under the railway bridge you will see signposts on the right for the entrance to the track.  We cycled to Chiseldon and back which is about 15 miles in total, so the Littlest was back on the trailer bike rather than her own bike, but it was easy and safe riding for everyone.  It was only on the way back that we realised that we must have been steadily climbing up as there was a lot more freewheeling on the return journey!  There’s a good place to stop for ice creams at the midway point too, just in case there are some tired legs!  Anyway, here are some photos to give you an idea of the ride.

Striking view of ploughed fields below us.

Quick snack stop for father and daughter
Spring arrivals of forget-me-nots and cowslips
Easy cycling
The only bit of road on the cycle ride
Midway point for ice creams at Three Trees Farm Shop & Cafe

The Eldest & Littlest
Homeward bound

Enjoy the ride!

The Simple Things – Week 15

The beginning of the Easter holidays and glorious sunshine.

Good Friday breakfast (at the end of the week), some Bobbi Brown therapy for the Eldest, ducks in the garden (yup, I’m obsessed!), GD practicising for the Weston Park Blades netball camp, cycling the Test Way, spring flowers outside Beccy’s Greengrocers in Stockbridge, Hiro at home.

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