Making ‘Bathtub’ Gin! #survivinglockdown

So, we’ve been self isolating for 34 days and I’ve made our first batch of ‘bathtub’ gin – those two statements are obviously not linked!! The name bathtub gin comes from the US Prohibition era when the term was used to describe any illegally made alcoholic drink – the most popular being gin. The gin jugs were too big to fit under a sink tap (water was used to dilute the alcohol) hence the name bathtub gin. We’ve been talking about making gin for ages – now we have no excuse and on the basis it’s ridiculously easy I can see that it might become a great lockdown hobby! Just have to make sure we don’t drink it at the same rate I make it ….

The recipe I’ve given below was my own first experiment – juniper berries must be the main botanical but otherwise you can pretty much put in whatever botanicals or citrus peel you fancy. Cardamom gin is a bit more exciting than cardamom tea!

Equipment: clean empty bottle with stopper (sterilise using boiling water), funnel
Ingredients: 750ml vodka (at least 37.5% ABV), juniper berries, orange peel, coriander seeds, cardamom pods (bruise them for a stronger flavour).

Firstly, take orange peel and put in bottle
Next add the juniper berries …
… then the coriander seeds
and the cardamom pods.
Add vodka to your chosen botanicals.
Shake and store in cool, dark place for at least a week – shake gently 3 to 5 times a day

After a week try your gin – use a strainer so you don’t get a glass full of berries, seeds and pods – if you want a stronger flavour, infuse for longer. Once you’re happy with the flavour strain into a clean bottle (or just sieve and serve!). It won’t be clear as you have to re-distill the gin, but the taste will be the same. Apparently if you put it through a Brita filter some of the colour can be removed; sounds like unnecessary hassle to me and there’s nothing wrong with the golden amber colour of this first cardamom gin batch!

So that’s it – easy! Happy mixing!

Author: Mother of the Tribe

4 thoughts on “Making ‘Bathtub’ Gin! #survivinglockdown

  1. Oh, this is more timely than you can imagine!! Thanks for the recipe for a medicinal I need in this season of ills.

  2. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of doing this! You’re a genius! We could all unite for a gin tasting/reunion after all this is over

  3. A bit of fun in these very strange times … hope you are all safe and well and one day look forward to sharing a glass or two

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