Autumn finally arrives and finding the ‘slow’ button

The photo above was taken just after 8am this morning as we were all having breakfast before leaving for a Saturday morning of sport.  Within minutes however, the skies turned black and the heavens opened.  Finally, we have some rain.  Tennis was called off for the day, but the Eldest still headed out for hockey.  Just over an hour later, when I picked her up, she resembled a (very tall) drowned rat.

By 11am, the Littlest and Gerald Durrell have been through the dressing up boxes and the Littlest’s face has been painted as a cat.  Ten minutes later, she wants the paint all taken off – always the way.  Next she decides to do a painting for Grandma, so paints are brought out.  Meanwhile, the Boy is working through his homework.  Gerald Durrell decides to write a letter to her new penpal, met in France.  In the kitchen, with Nina Simone in the background, I throw a load of vegetables into a big pot with some diced lamb and put it into the steam oven to slow cook for several hours for our supper.  A little bit later a friend pops over for a coffee.  I feel as though we’ve found the slow button and it’s lovely.  I’m rather looking forward to the autumn and winter this year.  And yes, after almost five months in shorts, we’re all finally back in jeans!  Not quite Dubai, but not bad!

Author: Mother of the Tribe

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