As Sifa Camping

Of all the hidden jewels of the Arabian peninsula As Sifa is the most precious. Glorious mountains descending into the blue sea, golden sand and no people.  We were there in 2012 and a lot may have changed including a glamping site and further development of the enormous golf course and residential complex 

We went twice in our time in Dubai and given the chance will return again when we return to chase our memories.


The resort is at one end of the beach and the best camping is the other end under the cliffs. A popular spot from day trippers and overnighters and as with a lot of the beaches you need to allocate about 30 mins to clearing up the beach from all the rubbish that is there.  We arrived on a Saturday afternoon as the Muscat residents were leaving so managed to get the most northern spot as the beach was emptying.  Later arrivals spread themselves down the beach.

The development at the end of beach is curious in its ambitions and in trying to work out what has happened to it.  In all our travels we came across many civil engineering projects that spoke to huge visions of the future for this part of the world but were never completed.

When we were there we were witness to amazing phosphorescence  which appeared as a result of the fishermen’s wake as they moved across the bay at night.

Getting there requires a trip through the Omani Fjords and passed the abandoned Dhow (if still there).


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Looking South
As Sifa camping
Camping Near The Rocks
Typical Sunrise 6am
Northen Rocks
dhow oman
Abandoned Dhow - Yenkit Beach in Fjords
oman fjords
Oman Fjords From As Sifa Road
Oman Fjords
Oman Fjords near Dhow
As Sifa Resort
Jebel Sifah Marina