How to Make a Rubbery Egg #survivinglockdown

A bit of a Chemistry experiment with the Littlest – ridiculously easy to do and a little bit of fun. For everyone, however old you are!

You need: an egg, a glass (that the egg can fit into), vinegar and a little bit of patience.


1. Carefully put the egg in the glass.
2. Pour vinegar over the egg to completely cover it.
3. Wait several days …
4. And this is what you’re left with.
5. A weirdly rubbery, larger (rather stinky) egg

So the science bit … the shell of an egg is made from the mineral calcium carbonate, vinegar is made of acetic acid. The calcium carbonate of the egg shell reacts with the acetic acid of the vinegar and the shell dissolves – bubbles of the gas carbon dioxide are produced as the reaction takes place. The membrane within the shell, surrounding the egg, remains intact and the egg feels rubbery. If you want to make a bouncy rubber egg use a hard boiled egg as the raw one just might pop!

And this is what happens when you do poke your rubbery egg!

Author: Mother of the Tribe

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